Data-Driven Adaptive Training

The Future of Aerospace Training


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Delivering Intelligent Personalized Training

Driven by Analytics

Our algorithms mine training data for patterns, identifying data-level competency metrics, and presenting them through intuitive interfaces to empower both the instructor and the trainee.

Designed For You

Every flight simulator and training device is different. That’s why we work with our customers to design customized data pipelines and develop a data strategy.

A Team of Experts

By tapping into Paladin:Paradigm, you’re connecting with a network of professionals with a broad skills pulled from industry and academia.

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How Does it Work?

The Gnōsys Predictive Engine

Gnōsys learns about a trainee’s strengths and weaknesses to build a tailored training regimen to reach competency faster and more cost-effectively.


Analyze millions of simulator data points

Gnōsys is a predictive analytics engine built on top of high-performance machine learning libraries and research into how humans learn. We analyze the data stream coming off training hardware or a computer-based training device and mine it for learning patterns.


Empower both trainees and instructors

Data-level competency metrics are displayed using intuitive dashboards for both the instructor and the trainee. Instructors can view entire cohorts to keep each trainee on track. Trainees gain access to their personal performance data.


Competency-based training

Our system flags trainee weaknesses, suggests curriculum modifications, and projects skill progression. Gnōsys-equipped simulators become smart training devices capable of reducing training time and associated costs. Trainees gain confidence and expertise faster.

Our Team

Adolfo Klassen

Founder & CEO

Mikhail Klassen, PhD

Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Aaron Maxwell, PhD

Data Scientist

Lev Kokotov

Software Developer

Francis Amankrah

Senior Frontend Developer

Ali Moragheb

Operations Manager

Scientific & Industry Advisory Board

Suzanne Kearns, PhD, FRAeS

Associate Professor in Aviation, University of Waterloo

Lishuai Li, PhD

Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong

Gordon Woolley

Former RAF Helicopter Pilot and RAeS Flight Simulation Group Committee Chairman

Ian G. McIntyre

Integrated Training Solution Expert and Former Flight Instructor, Canadian Armed Forces

Rady Fahmy

Executive Director at the African Business Aviation Association

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